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The work we are singing over the next two terms (now that our February social has taken place) is Rachmaninov “All Night Vigil  (Vespers)” .

We will be singing the Rachmaninov Vespers in Russian!  As a first on this page, we are including a brief pronunciation guide!

You can also learn the specific pronunciation for this work via the following sample YouTube link.   Further examples can be viewed from here.

As well as the usual rehearsals, it is very important that everyone attends the all day workshop on 7 April.  Details can be found here.

Aside from language assistance, traditionally, this page provides links to all types of practice materials for our  June 2018 concert.

If you are having trouble in downloading any of these files, just email Pauline Terry for help (website(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

For anyone wishing to read about the background to the work and composer, please refer to these links:

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