The music team

Music Director

Our Music Director is Joel Newsome-Hubbard.  He joined the choir in January 2017, succeeding our previous Director of many years standing, John Sutton.

Joel graduated from the Royal College of Music in 2012.  He is a singer, trumpet player and conductor. Other than acting as MD for Ember Choral, Joel is MD of Note-Orious, a community choir in London and works with Nestle UK and John Lewis’s in-house choirs. He also regularly

Music Director Joel Newsome-Hubbard

deputises for a number of other choirs and founded Solistes de Musique Ancienne which is a “modern” Baroque orchestra and choir.


Accompanist, Pam Kent

Joel and the choir are supported by our very experienced accompanist, Pam Kent.  Pam is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music. She has also been involved in piano teaching, giving chamber music recitals as well as acting as a professional accompanist to various musical organisations.

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