Foodbank Hampers

We resumed our foodbank collections in 2021 after having been unable to do so in 2020 due to lack of live rehearsals and COVID restrictions.  Collections were held at rehearsals during November and taken to the East Elmbridge foodbank shortly after that.   We had a marvellous response from choir members and these boxes were duly delivered.

Foodbank collection 2021

Members can also donate money directly to the foodbank via the link as follows:

If applicable, your donation can be gift-aided.  Please mention us when donating so the foodbank knows we are supporters.



At Christmas 2016 we made up some hampers to donate to the local food bank for the first time.  Choir members have been happy to support this initiative ever since.  We had a wonderful response again in 2019 requesting items for the East Elmbridge Foodbank .

Hamper donations are specifically requested from suggestions listed by local foodbanks and the wisdom of this was indicated in this excerpt from the note of thanks in 2017 from St Saviours, Sunbury to whom we donated items that year: “The toiletries were very gratefully received as luxuries for Christmas which (local families) would not otherwise have had.  The essentials such as nappies were even more gratefully received – they are expensive and were such a bonus for young families who are short of money and cannot normally afford them”

Suggested items to donate can be found here.

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