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Choir member Roger Oldcorn kindly provided this complete historical listing of all Ember Choral Society’s previous UK concerts.

The choir was originally formed as Ember Music Society in 1956 based in Thames Ditton, UK. In 1978 the Hinchley Wood School Choral Society was incorporated and John Sutton took over as musical director. In 1981, the choir assumed the name of Ember Choral Society.

List of concerts: 1957-2012

Date Composer Work Comments / Venue
24-Jan-57 Mendelssohn Elijah As Ember Music Society
22-May-57 Brahms Requiem
19-Dec-57 Handel Messiah Christmas music; Carols
30-Apr-58 Haydn Creation
10-Dec-58 Bach Jesu Priceless Treasure
10-Dec-58 Bush, Geoffrey Christmas Cantata
29-Apr-59 Mendelssohn St Paul
13-Jan-60 Handel Judas Maccabaeus
13-Apr-60 Haydn The Seven Last Words on the Cross
25-May-60 Handel Zadok the Priest
25-May-60 Handel Coronation Anthem
23-Nov-60 Mozart The Twelfth Mass
22-Feb-61 Mendelssohn Hymn of Praise
22-Feb-61 Haydn The Seasons
17-May-61 Parry Blest Pair of Sirens
17-May-61 Mozart Alleluia
17-May-61 Mendelssohn How Lovely are the Messengers
07-Dec-61 Coleridge-Taylor Hiawatha
12-Apr-62 Dvorak Stabat Mater
12-Apr-62 Bach St Luke Passion
08-Dec-62 German, Edward Merrie England
09-May-63 Brahms Requiem
01-Nov-63 Carol Concert
18-Jan-64 Bizet Carmen
14-May-64 Haydn Creation
17-Dec-64 Handel Messiah
15-May-65 Smetana The Bartered Bride
09-Dec-65 Mendelssohn Elijah
28-Apr-66 Mozart Requiem Mass
28-Apr-66 Britten Hymn to St Cecilia
08-Dec-66 Carol Concert
02-Feb-67 Mendelssohn St Paul
07-Dec-67 Handel Messiah (extracts)
07-Dec-67 Carols
20-Jan-68 German, Edward Tom Jones
09-May-68 Britten Hymn to St Cecilia
09-May-68 Schubert Mass in Ab
02-Nov-68 Sullivan Gilbert & Sullivan Evening
11-Dec-68 Carol Concert with Claygate CS
21-Dec-68 Carol Concert
24-Apr-69 Handel Judas Maccabaeus
14-Dec-69 Handel Messiah
20-Dec-69 Carol Concert with Claygate CS
02-May-70 Verdi Requiem
05-Dec-70 Poulenc Gloria
01-Apr-71 Brahms Requiem
11-Dec-71 Tippett A Child of Our Time with Claygate CS
29-Apr-72 Elgar Music Makers
29-Apr-72 Vaughan Williams Sancta Civitas
18-Nov-72 Fauré Requiem
18-Nov-72 Bach Jesu Priceless Treasure
16-Dec-72 Handel Messiah (extracts)
16-Dec-72 Carols
12-May-73 Orff Carmina Burana
12-May-73 Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms
17-Nov-73 Haydn Creation
15-Dec-73 Carol Concert
18-May-74 Mozart Missa Brevis
18-May-74 Rossini Stabat Mater
07-Dec-74 Vivaldi Gloria
07-Dec-74 Haydn Mass in Bb
10-May-75 Mendelssohn Elijah
08-May-76 Duruflé Requiem
08-May-76 Haydn Nelson Mass
04-Dec-76 Stanford Songs of the Fleet John Sutton first concert as soloist
07-May-77 Bach St Matthew Passion
03-Dec-77 Handel Dettingen Te Deum
03-Dec-77 Mozart Requiem
06-May-78 Brahms Requiem Jennifer Shell first concert
19-May-79 Fauré Requiem John Sutton debut as conductor
19-May-79 Vivaldi Gloria
19-May-79 Handel Zadok the Priest
01-Dec-79 Sullivan Gilbert & Sullivan for all
10-May-80 Verdi Requiem
22-Nov-80 Bach Cantata No.11
22-Nov-80 Haydn Nelson Mass
16-May-81 Bach St John Passion
05-Dec-81 Mendelssohn Elijah As Ember Choral Society
15-May-82 Poulenc Gloria
15-May-82 Vaughan Williams Five Mystical songs
15-May-82 Parry Blest Pair of Sirens
20-Nov-82 Mozart Vesperae Solennes de Confessore
20-Nov-82 Gounod Messe Solennelle (St Cecilia)
15-Dec-82 Carol Concert
14-May-83 Lambert, Constant The Rio Grande with Hinchley Wood School CS
14-May-83 Orff Carmina Burana
03-Dec-83 Bach Christmas Oratorio (1 and 2)
03-Dec-83 Britten St Nicholas
01-Dec-84 Handel Messiah (extracts)
12-May-84 Haydn Harmoniemesse
12-May-84 Guard, Barrie David & Goliath World Premiere
12-May-84 Rossini Stabat Mater
22-May-84 Britten St Nicholas with Hampton CS
23-May-84 Britten St Nicholas with Hampton CS
01-Dec-84 Bach Christmas Oratorio
01-Dec-84 Berlioz Childhood of Christ
01-Dec-84 Handel Messiah (extracts)
18-May-85 Handel Samson
07-Dec-85 Bernstein Chichester Psalms
07-Dec-85 Vaughan Williams Hodie
07-Dec-85 Guard, Barrie David & Goliath
15-Dec-85 Handel Messiah
10-May-86 Elgar Dream of Gerontius with Hampton CS
17-May-86 Elgar Dream of Gerontius with Hampton CS
25-Oct-86 Vivaldi Gloria
25-Oct-86 Folk songs
06-Dec-86 Britten Ceremony of Carols
06-Dec-86 Beethoven Mass in C
09-May-87 Verdi Requiem with Hampton CS
16-May-87 Verdi Requiem with Hampton CS
12-Dec-87 Charpentier Te Deum
12-Dec-87 Rutter When Icicles Hang
12-Dec-87 Harvey Of the Fathers Love
12-Dec-87 Haydn Seasons (Autumn & Winter)
19-Dec-87 Handel Messiah
19-Mar-88 Bach St Matthew Passion
11-May-88 Fauré Requiem
11-May-88 Handel Let the Bright Seraphim (Samson)
11-May-88 Handel Zadok the Priest
11-May-88 Tippett A Child of Our Time
03-Dec-88 Rutter When Icicles Hang
03-Dec-88 Britten St Nicholas
03-Dec-88 Hughes Brightest & Best Premiere
11-Dec-88 Handel Messiah
13-May-89 Bach Mass in B minor with Hampton CS
20-May-89 Bach Mass in B minor with Hampton CS
11-Nov-89 Handel Zadok the Priest Esher Methodist Centenary Concert
11-Nov-89 Vivaldi Gloria
11-Nov-89 Fauré Requiem
17-Dec-89 Handel Messiah
10-Feb-90 Vivaldi Gloria Vera Fletcher Hall Appeal
10-Feb-90 Fauré Requiem
12-May-90 Brahms Requiem
26-May-90 Vivaldi Gloria Kelso
26-May-90 Fauré Requiem Kelso
27-May-90 Handel Zadok the Priest Sprouston
08-Dec-90 Mendelssohn Elijah
26-Jan-91 Handel Messiah
11-May-91 Tippett A Child of Our Time
11-May-91 Rutter Requiem
07-Dec-91 Mozart Requiem
07-Dec-91 Schubert Mass in G
11-Jan-92 Handel Messiah
16-May-92 Bach Mass in B minor with Hampton CS
06-Jun-92 Bach Mass in B minor with Hampton CS
28-Nov-92 Haydn Nelson Mass
28-Nov-92 Duruflé Requiem
23-Jan-93 Handel Messiah
15-May-93 Orff Carmina Burana
15-May-93 Lambert, Constant The Rio Grande
04-Dec-93 Parry Blest Pair of Sirens
04-Dec-93 Elgar Music Makers
04-Dec-93 Vaughan Williams Five Mystical Songs
23-Jan-94 Handel Messiah
14-May-94 Puccini Messa di Gloria
14-May-94 Poulenc Gloria
03-Dec-94 Verdi Requiem
28-Jan-95 Handel Messiah
13-May-95 Purcell Come ye Sons of Art / Te Deum / Jubilate
13-May-95 Bernstein Chichester Psalms
02-Dec-95 Elgar Dream of Gerontius
27-Jan-96 Handel Messiah
11-May-96 Vivaldi Beatus Vir
11-May-96 Scarlatti Dixit Dominus
11-May-96 Rutter Psalm 121
30-Nov-96 Rutter Gloria
30-Nov-96 Mozart Mass in C minor
25-Jan-97 Handel Messiah
22-Mar-97 Bach St John Passion
17-May-97 Gala Opera Concert 40th Anniversary
06-Dec-97 Bruckner Mass in E minor
06-Dec-97 Schubert Mass in Eb major
28-Feb-98 Mozart Requiem
09-May-98 Handel Zadok the Priest
09-May-98 Haydn Nelson Mass
09-May-98 Bach Magnificat
05-Dec-98 Vaughan Williams Hodie
05-Dec-98 Fantasia on Christmas Carols
05-Dec-98 Rutter When Icicles Hang
30-Jan-99 Bach Mass in B minor (extracts)
15-May-99 Rossini Messe Solennelle
15-May-99 Poulenc Gloria
21-Nov-99 Duruflé Requiem with Richmond Orchestra
21-Nov-99 Prokofiev Alexander Nevsky
04-Dec-99 Duruflé Requiem with Richmond Orchestra
04-Dec-99 Prokofiev Alexander Nevsky
21-Jan-00 Haydn Nelson Mass
21-Jan-00 Bach Magnificat
14-Oct-00 Handel Messiah
09-Dec-00 Festival of Christmas Music
05-May-01 Elgar Dream of Gerontius
13-May-01 Elgar Dream of Gerontius
01-Dec-01 Britten St Nicholas
01-Dec-01 Finzi Dies Natalis
01-Dec-01 Guard, Barrie A Surrey Cantata World Premiere
09-Mar-02 Brahms Requiem Holy Trinity, Claygate
11-May-02 Barber Agnus Dei Queen Charlotte Hall, Richmond
11-May-02 Orff Carmina Burana with Richmond Orchestra
25-May-02 Orff Carmina Burana St Andrew’s, Surbiton
with Richmond Orchestra
11-Dec-02 Handel Dixit Dominus
11-Dec-02 Bach Christmas Oratorio (1,2,3)
11-Dec-02 Britten Ceremony of Carols
25-Jan-03 Handel Messiah
10-May-03 Verdi Requiem with Hampton CS
17-May-03 Verdi Requiem with Hampton CS
04-Oct-03 Handel Messiah
29-Dec-03 Pergolesi Magnificat
29-Dec-03 Handel Utrecht Te Deum
29-Dec-03 Bach Jesu, Meine Freude
20-Mar-04 Mozart Requiem
08-May-04 Vaughan Williams A Sea Symphony with Hampton CS
04-Dec-04 Beethoven Choral Fantasia
04-Dec-04 Kodaly Mass in B
05-Mar-05 Dvorak Te Deum
21-May-05 Mozart Solemn Vespers
21-May-05 Britten Rejoice in the Lamb
21-May-05 Duruflé Requiem
03-Dec-05 Bizet Carmen
25-Feb-06 Haydn Nelson Mass
26-Mar-06 Stanford Magnificat in G major Choral Evening Service
26-Mar-06 Stanford Nunc Dimittis in G major Claygate Music Festival
20-May-06 Purcell Come ye Sons of Art
20-May-06 Tippett Five Negro Spirituals
20-May-06 Vivaldi Dixit Dominus
02-Dec-06 Mozart Solemn Vespers
02-Dec-06 Mozart Mass in C minor
03-Mar-07 Handel Messiah The Menuhin Hall
16-Jun-07 Elgar Dream of Gerontius with Hampton CS
24-Jun-07 Mendelssohn Elijah
07-Jun-08 Handel Chandos Anthem 6
07-Jun-08 Vaughan Williams Five Mystical Songs
07-Jun-08 Fauré Requiem
06-Dec-08 Vaughan Williams Hodie
06-Dec-08 Carols
06-Jun-09 Rossini Messe Solennelle The Menuhin Hall
28-Nov-09 Charpentier Messe de Minuit
28-Nov-09 Jenkins, Karl The Armed Man
05-Jun-10 Bach Mass in B minor Holy Trinity Church, Claygate
20-Nov-10 Guard, Barrie A Surrey Cantata Holy Trinity Church, Claygate
20-Nov-10 Bernstein Chichester Psalms Holy Trinity Church, Claygate
20-Nov-10 Rutter Requiem Holy Trinity Church, Claygate
04-Jun-11 Handel Judas Maccabaeus The Menuhin Hall
10-Dec-11 Verdi Requiem St Andrew’s Church Surbiton, with Hampton CS
10-Mar-12 Brahms Requiem St Paul’s Church, East Molesey
 June 2012  Various A Celebration of British Music  Holy Trinity Church, Claygate
Dec.2012 Vivaldi Beatus Vir
Dec.2012 Rutter Magnificat
June 2013 Parry Blest Pair of Sirens The Menuhin Hall
June 2013 Lambert, Constant The Rio Grande
Nov 2013 Poulenc Gloria Holy Trinity Church, Claygate
Nov 2013 Durufle Requiem

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