Important notice from the Chairman concerning the coronavirus situation

Dear choir members,

I’m sure you’re all expecting this official email from the Ember Choral committee, and here it is. I’m sad to have to say that all rehearsals and both concerts, 28 March and 6 June, have been cancelled as from now.  In the light of the government’s latest announcements about self-isolating and taking into account the choir’s age profile, it would be foolish to carry on.  We have a duty of care to everyone whether they are old or young and the next few weeks are going to be difficult.

There are a few things we need to do:

We need to collect in the scores.  I will speak to our librarian about this, but we will be asking you to drop your scores to a named person’s house.  Please erase all your markings.

We need to collect in the tickets which you’ve sold so that our treasurer has an accurate record of them.  Refunds can be made if required by sending your tickets and bank details to her.

She can send a cheque on receipt of the returned tickets if you prefer.

Some groups in the same position as us have found that people don’t want their money back, but instead prefer that the choir keeps the ticket money to help offset the choir’s losses, for which of course the choir will be very grateful.  If this is the case with your friends, please send the tickets back anyway.

If any members, especially those without family nearby, are worried about getting in shopping or anything else, please contact me or any other committee member to ask for help.  Please do not feel you are on your own; give us a ring for a chat!

At the moment we are looking to resume rehearsals on September 9, but I will keep you in touch with the current thinking at the time.  Please all take good care of yourselves.


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