Rehearsal files and MidiPlay

Choir member David Morgan kindly pointed out the free MidiPlay software application.

MidiPlay allows you to do several things with a Midi music file:

  • play the Midi file on your computer
  • repeat the playback automatically
  • speed up or slow down playback
  • display the score
  • follow the cursor on the score, bar by bar as it plays
  • change the volume of your own part
  • change the instrumentation

MidiPlay application

This clever application not only plays your Midi files but also displays the score on the screen as indicated on the example screenshot below.

How to download midi files

Follow this link to Midiplay for full instructions.

You can find works to download to the Midiplayer on the learnchoralmusic.co.uk site. For the works we are rehearsing, the links are as follows:

Haydn “Little Organ Mass”            Rutter “Feel the Spirit”

Chilcott “Little Jazz Mass”

There are no files on this site for Coleridge-Taylor’s “Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast”

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