The music team

Music Director

Our Music Director is Joel Newsome-Hubbard.  He joined the choir in January 2017, succeeding our previous Director of many years standing, John Sutton.


Joel graduated from the Royal College of Music in 2012.  He is a singer, trumpet player and conductor. Other than acting as MD for Ember Choral, Joel regularly gives concerts as a solo trumpeter, teaches singing and trumpet in some of London’s leading school music departments and directs a

Music Director, Joel Newsome-Hubbard

professional Baroque orchestra and choral ensemble, “Solistes de Musique Ancienne” which he founded.


Accompanist, Pam Kent

Joel and the choir are supported by our very experienced accompanist, Pam Kent.  Pam is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music. She has also been involved in piano teaching, giving chamber music recitals as well as acting as a professional accompanist to various musical organisations.

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