Open rehearsal on Wednesday, 23rd June at 7:30pm (update Jun 29th)

In lieu of a more formal concert in June (cancelled because of COVID regulations) latest government guidance meant that we were able to hold an open rehearsal to which an audience was invited.  For more details (especially COVID guidance for audience members) please see our Next Concert page.

This turned out to be a big success in terms of allowing the (smaller than usual) choir to sing live, amazingly with no stoppages considering our lack of opportunities to sing together!  The small audience were given a real treat with two superb soloists (soprano, Rebecca Hardwick, and baritone, Laurence White) joining us.  Laurence also performed three songs (accompanied by Charlie Hubbard) between the choir renditions of the Fauré “Requiem” and the Poulenc “Gloria”.   We were ably accompanied by Pam Kent.  Many thanks to our music director, Joel Newsome-Hubbard for having faith in us and for patiently working with us all through lockdowns and Zoom rehearsals.

We must also thank the staff and Father Rob for allowing us to use the church.

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