Practice Resources

Online Links for Practice Resources

We expect choir members to do plenty of practice between rehearsals!

To help you, here are a selection of sources to sing along to:


J S Bach


Vaughan Williams

“Fantasia on Christmas Carols”

Free MP3 and Midi practice files



Chord Perfect

John Fletcher


Chord Perfect [not available]

Paid MP3 and Midi files CyberBass ($)

Choraline ($)

CyberBass: [not available]

Choraline: [not available]

John Fletcher

YouTube (free) Bach Magnificat Fantasia on Christmas Carols
CD from Amazon (£) Bach Magnificat Fantasia on Christmas Carols
Score from Presto (£) Bach Magnificat Fantasia on Christmas Carols

Notes on the various Midi and MP3 Sources


These particular MP3 files use a “synthetic voice” which does sound a bit odd, but it means that you can hear each syllable pronounced. It’s very helpful, though purists may shudder!

You can choose the Voice with metronome, Emphasised voice with other voices, or All voices.

You can either play these from the web page (left-click) or download each file to your PC (right-click and “Save As”).


Another useful practice resource (in which the emphasised part is played on an instrument rather than voice).

CHORD PERFECT (some free, some paid)

This site enables you to hear your particular part emphasised and sung by professional singers complete with orchestral accompaniment. There are not many composers/works featured on this site at the moment.  For future reference you can find it here.

JOHN FLETCHER’S MIDI AND MP3 FILES (some free, some paid)

Works that are out of copyright are free to download without logging in. To download works that are still in copyright, you must register for a paid account (£4 for 4 months, £10 per year) and log in.

 You can either play these from the  web page (left-click) or download each file to your PC (right-click and   “Save As”). The slowed-down sections for practice are clearly marked “at slower, rehearsal speed”.

If playing a Midi file direct from  the web does not work, you can  download the Midi files individually to your PC by right-clicking each icon.


See the MidiPlay page for more details about playing Midi files.

Also read all about links to rehearsal scores using Midi files on the MidiPlay page.

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